Surrogacy Escrow Management

Surrogacy Escrow Management

Surrogacy Escrow ManagementSurrogacy Escrow ManagementSurrogacy Escrow Management

Marc Stanley Law provides prompt, accurate and stress-free escrow management with the highest level of professionalism, personal attention and respect.

Experience You Can Trust


 With almost 30 years of experience in the legal and financial fields, your trust is well placed. You will be treated with the highest level of professionalism and personal attention.  No payment will ever be made  without written confirmation by all parties that such payment is due.  We are bound by strict trust account maintenance and reporting standards governed by The Florida Bar.  All funds are held in FDIC-guaranteed accounts.   

We Treat You with Respect


 We see the beauty in the parent-child relationship and welcome all to this amazing journey.  We will do our part to ease the burden so intended parents can focus on what really matters. Nobody providing this service responds more quickly or provides more personal attention. 

Marc Stanley, Esq.

 Marc graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1988 with a  Bachelor's Degree in Finance and received a Law Degree from Nova  Southeastern University School of Law in 1992. About eighteen years ago,   Marc watched his sister, Dana, fight through the surrogacy process.  He  became frustrated at what seemed at that time to be a very complex  and stressful undertaking.  He noticed that over-hanging financial  obligations took much of the joy out of the experience.  Ultimately, Dana's journey concluded with three healthy and happy now-teenagers. In an effort to give back for her good fortune, Marc wanted to make the journey easier for future intended parents. Using his experience in the legal and financial fields, he offers to manage the financial obligations and requirements facing intended parents and gestational carriers. 

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Surrogacy Escrow Basics

 The surrogacy process begins with an Agreement between the  intended parents and the gestational carrier, which includes among other  things, financial obligations and requirements of the parties and the  establishment of a surrogacy escrow account.  We exist solely for the  purposes of assisting both parties in understanding and implementing  these financial requirements and obligations, as well as establishing  and managing the surrogacy escrow account. 


This is How We Help You

 The surrogacy process is an emotional, sometimes stressful, but ultimately wonderful and rewarding journey. A surrogacy escrow account  assures that both the intended parents and the gestational carrier remain free to focus their attention on what really matters.  Marc Stanley Law, as a trusted third party, assures that  monetary obligations of both parties are met in a prompt, accurate and  non-confrontational manner.  We are dedicated  to eliminating the stress that typically accompanies surrogacy agreements and dispensing with those sometimes uncomfortable money-related discussions between the intended parents and the gestational carrier.  


This is How It Works

 Once the surrogacy escrow account is established, Marc Stanley Law will  accurately account for, manage and distribute funds in strict accordance  with the Agreement. In no event will a payment be issued from  the surrogacy escrow account without written confirmation by the parties  that such payment is due and owing under the Agreement.  We will collect and compile any supporting documentation needed to assure  accurate and prompt distribution of funds.  A Statement of Trust is routinely issued to the intended parents each month, so that they are always aware of any and all escrow account activity.  Further, all parties to the Agreement are welcome to request a Statement of Trust at any time during the month. 

 All funds are held in an FDIC-guaranteed account. We follow strict trust  account maintenance and reporting standards governed by The Florida  Bar. With almost 30 years of experience in legal and financial fields, we  provide service with the highest ethical standards and nobody in this  industry provides faster or more personal service.